Empire Financial Specialists is a company that distributes financial products to its customers around the world. Founded in May 2000 with the goal of selecting only the best companies in the areas represented and focusing on 3 important pillars of protection: Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Investments (which includes asset protection, retirement income creation, succession planning, etc).

Today, we operate in several countries, in addition to the United States where we are domiciled.


Main office

  •  Miami

Support offices

  • São Paulo
  • Montevideu
  • Caracas

Advisors around the world

  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Equador
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Russia
  • Uruguai
  • USA
  • Venezuela



  • Graduated in Business Administration;
  • Specializations with sales, marketing and management;
  • Founded EFS in 2000;
  • More than 25 years in the insurance business;
  • Still actively leading EFS but with the main focus being market expansion.


  • Graduated in Law;
  • Specialized in financial markets;
  • Joined the EFS team in January 2011;
  • Has been in the investment world since 2009, and after that started working with insurance in 2011;
  • After going through some functions within EFS, today he is focused on assisting in the expansion of the markets, offering training to consultants and leading the entire team of sales.


  • Graduated in Business Administration and Hospitality;
  • Marketing and Sales Analyst;
  • Specialized in Financial Markets and stock exchange;
  • Joined the EFS team in March 2019;
  • Today, he mainly supervises company operations and supports our growth in Spanish Speaking countries.


  • Graduated in Business Administration;
  • Joined the EFS team in December 2018;
  • Provides all assistance and support to insurance agents and clients.


  • Graduated in Economics;
  • Specialization in Political Economy;
  • Joined the EFS team in January 2020;
  • Provides all assistance and support to insurance agents and clients.

LUCAS GARRIDO/ Responsible for EFS B2B.

  • Focused on expanding;
  • Attracting and training investment professionals.;
  • With 12 years of experience in the investment market, he works at the main securities brokers in Brazil, in particular Banco Safra.

To assist our customers, we have several consultants in different locations.

Various Investment specialists, Insurance brokers, Insurance brokerage companies, etc.
To strengthen the team, within our team we have more than 10 cfps (certified financial planners),
investment specialists, asset managers and other certifications.

Gerardo Perez Nessi

Independent consultant with more than 15 years of experience in the financial market in Panama and Venezuela.Global markets and portfolio management for clients in Latin America.Very important person in the Caribbean and Central America markets.

Joseph Lazerson

Over 30 years of experience in Financial Planning, Insurance and Investments. As an educator and manager helped over a thousand Independent Financial Advisors acquire the profession.
A few thousand direct clients for Insurance and other financial products worldwide. Founded Logic Planning Group in 1997. Represents a number of international Insurance and Financial companies in many countries

Renata Barreto

Economist and independent global investment consultant. She has a large media presence, often giving presentations and participating in radio and tv programs in Brazil.


President of the independent consulting company Logic Planning Group Ru, the group unites more than 30 financial consultants. President of the Association of Independent Financial Consultants in Russia. Experience in the personal financial planning, insurance and investment industry since 2012. Financial advisor to top officials of large companies: advises top managers and business owners. Consultant mentor: trains financial consultants, including bankers and financiers with 10-30 years of experience in finance, investments. Expert of the Wealth Management and Philanthropy Center of the SKOLKOVO Business School

Simone Silva

Independent consultant of great importance in the health insurance area, reference in the Brazilian market, with extensive experience in the US and international health insurance market.

Camila Conte

Independent consultant with 20 years of experience in the field of insurance and international investments. Specialized in the area of international health insurance, offers solutions to customers and companies..

Nexco Financial Group

Operates in the local Brazilian market with wealth management. Also offering global diversification solutions. Independent consultants available in many different cities.

Ana Carolina Cruz

Graduated in Advertising
Operates in the financial market for 21 years among those 15 years in the largest institutions in the country and for 5 years in the independent market. Focusing on succession and independent tax planning through financial instruments
Part of the EFS team since 2017. Participating until then in all the world conventions of Cia.
Courses and certifications in the area of financial planning and consulting, insurance and pension plans.

Daniel Fernandez

CEO of American First Capital, a financial advisory company in Peru with more than 15 years of experience in the market. Part of the EFS team of independent consultants since 2020.

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